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Assertions: Specifies XML elements and attributes for three types of assertion statements: authentication, authorization decision and attribute.
The resource provider controls the recipient organization and specifies an unaffiliated beneficiary.
163(h)(1) specifies that it overrides all of chapter 1.
Additional guidance specifies that certain shortcomings in drug administration might be considered medication errors, such as:
408(d)(6) specifies that a transfer of a participant's interest in an IRA to a spouse or former spouse incident to divorce is not a taxable transfer if made under a Sec.
DSP-C was originally developed by ACE in co-operation with Philips Semiconductors and other industries and, like its successor Embedded C, specifies fixed-point data types and multiple memory spaces.
This Recommendation Paper specifies a data model for metadata in support of the OpenGIS Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS) and Coordinate Transformations (CT) Implementation Specifications, and specifies standard definition data for the data model.
DIG64 specifies requirements for baseline platform and operating system designs that would enable innovation to occur at the system level without sacrificing reliability and interoperability on the platform level.
Features include on-line sign-up, the ability to specify products and quantities on one simple screen, a Secure Sockets Layer for secure orders; and a custom order list of products each client specifies or has ordered most in the past.
The cross stitcher specifies the size, in terms of stitches, up to a maximum of 999 x 999 stitches.