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Bti/methoprene Granular Mixture - Specify Sizes Available
The fact that SLAs specify what is acceptable makes it easier for program managers to manage expectations.
Some compliance plans specify that investigations should start within a specified number of days after a problem is identified and be completed within a specific time frame.
GD&T is a method to specify the dimensions and tolerances of a part so that it will meet its design intent, often to mate with other parts.
* Specimen processed and examined, but unsatisfactory for evaluation of epithelial abnormality because of (specify reason).
"If you specify that a kid's gay," he says, "his being gay has to be totally relevant to the plot.
Specify crown mouldings and nice window treatments; plan built-in millwork to house televisions.
Inasmuch as the Y2K problem has become so pervasive and recognized in the last year or two, design professionals will be courting liability for present and future projects if they specify any system that is not Y2K compliant and eventually fails.
"The less you specify in the model, the more you are able to learn.
Although OSHA does not specify hourly training requirements for these workers, specialist employees, such as chemists, industrial hygienists, and environmental engineers, must receive yearly training commensurate with their area of specialization.
409A regulations do not specify any alternative methods.
Once we get under way, I'll show you how to specify the scenario values.