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SLAs can be used to specify software quality, but they are also useful for specifying performance requirements.
Some compliance plans specify that investigations should start within a specified number of days after a problem is identified and be completed within a specific time frame.
The standards specify information exchanges among the applications to meet particular requirements.
We now introduce the measurement conditions that specify the values of the influence quantities that prevail during the subsequent measurements using the calibrated instrument or artifact.
The regulations specify a number of criteria for posting documents on the Internet.
Although the vast majority of transactions are, in fact, covered by the Form 5472 reporting requirements, we believe that the regulations should specify that the section 6038A requirements apply only to transactions otherwise required to be disclosed on Form 5472.
The agreement should specify what type of partnership vote is required and whether the vote is per capita or weighted on some basis, such as partners' varying capital contributions.
Finally, under Polish commercial law, a company's articles of association may specify that a shareholder's interest in the company may not be transferred without the consent of all other shareholders, thus avoiding free transferability of interests.