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2055(e)(2), no deduction is permitted for a trust specifying a split interest in property held for the benefit of charitable and noncharitable beneficiaries.
Specifying specific processes has many of the same advantages of specifying compliance to standards.
Professionals specifying rubber systems should use applicable fire/flammability test standards that provide optimum information about the combustibility of the rubber.
Due to rapidly increasing demand for multimedia features in mobile applications, designers have been specifying the use of two separate processors - a communication processor and a media processor.
For example, the measurand associated with an artifact's length might be well specified when using an instrument with mechanical contact probes (such as specifying a correction for the mechanical contact deformation), but may be less well specified when using optical or capacitance probing technologies.
Accordingly, the shareholders should be able to avoid continuity of life by specifying it will be terminated on a shareholder's death, bankruptcy or resignation.
Specifying the end of the attribution period has been a contentious issue for the FASB; two dates considered were the full eligibility date and the expected retirement date.
FIPS 201 incorporates three technical publications specifying several aspects of the required administrative procedures and technical specifications that may change as the standard is implemented and used.
Further, it defines the mechanism for specifying the types of application data encapsulated in NDEF records.
These five fleets have over 1,100 trucks between them, increasing the total number of fleets specifying Iteris LDW systems to 24 with an estimated combined fleet size of 10,300 trucks.
This brings the total number of fleets specifying Iteris LDW technology to 16 nationwide, with 42 more fleets currently conducting field tests.
Unlike other local "directories," where web users can access local ads by specifying a zip code, ValueTraffic Local ads are only displayed for people at a computer in specific areas who search for specific keywords.