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Development of standardization parameters of Costus speciosus rhizomes with special reference to its pharmacognostical and HTPLC studies.
Kriz (1992) noted that this succession is represented by two types of limestones, one bearing mainly brachiopods (Niorhynx niobe, Cyrtia spiriferoides, Hircinisca rhynchonelliformis, Bleshidium papalas and Gladiostrophia mixta), the other one mainly trilobites (Trochurus speciosus, Planiscutellum planum, Staurocephalus murchisoni, Cheirurus insignis and Decoroproetus decorus).
Short-term effects of fire and forest thinning on truffle abundance and consumption by Neolamias speciosus in the Sierra Nevada of California.
PLANT autumn-flowering bulbs such as Crocus speciosus and nerines.
Separation of Haber speciosus (Hrabe) (Oligochaeta: Tubificidae) from its congeners, with a description of a new form from North America.
Transmission of Rickettsia tsutsugamushi from Apodemus speciosus, a wild rodent, to larval trombiculid mites during the feeding process.
Penstemon davidsonii Penstemon speciosus Pinus contorta Polygonum newberryi Raillardella argentea 94.
CROCUS CROP Give your garden a splash of instant colour by planting crocus speciosus, which can be bought in bud to flower now rather than in spring, which is the usual time for crocus.
Design it Crocus focus Brighten up your garden with Crocus speciosus.
The best autumn variety is Crocus speciosus Conqueror, which resembles a Colchicum in the way the petals fly skyward.