specious reasoning

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said: "Given that the SEC has already dismissed the specious reasoning of Intel, GE, and Corning, I assume Cisco will not attempt to have the SEC exclude our Resolution using the same arguments that those other three companies unsuccessfully tried.
As the process continues to grind along, we are also concerned that EPA will raise ethanol requirements from its 2014 proposal, based on the specious reasoning that E85 a mixture of up to 85 percent ethanol with 15 percent gasoline is a workable solution.
This egalitarian instinct for truth discredited Hume's specious reasoning and reinforced the conviction that ordinary men, possessing sufficient common sense to understand life, could quite capably "rule themselves" (p.
However, the dependence on the infallibility of unregulated markets and the reliance on a prolonged regime of extremely low interest rates proved erroneous, as they were both founded on specious reasoning and blind dogmatism.
Typically, Harrison scrutinizes the statements of Israel-haters for internal contradictions, inconsistencies, specious reasoning, misstatements of fact, and outright lies.
The sorry pastiche of specious reasoning and sophistry that he finds so compelling should be seen for what it is: nothing more than the latest in her unrelenting efforts to try to force a moral alternative where there isn't one and a tack to advance her cause by adopting a disingenuously conciliatory tone toward the pro-life movement.
He had given into instinct, yes, an instinct he had subsequently justified to himself with specious reasoning about keeping it safe.
Earlier, the Times filed a motion with the King County Superior Court to dismiss a suit that Hearst has filed against the Times, alleging that the Times has started up an 18-month clock to shut down the Post-Intelligencer based on specious reasoning.
The lesson here is to avoid specious reasoning and obfuscation.
Thus by specious reasoning The Fatima Crusader devotes its pages not to greater love of Our Lady but to the personality of Father Gruner himself
The cancellation was supported by specious reasoning and, according to human rights prosecutor Benjamin Perez Fonseca, was unconstitutional.
Both nations had bought into a specious reasoning according to which the important thing was parity in numbers of weapons, an assumption resulting in an ultimate inventory between them of some seventy thousand nuclear weapons.