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Money denounces "ideological" thinking--represented in the forms of motivation and other novelistic conventions--for functioning as the unwelcome colonizer of Self's speciously "autonomous" being.
The TTP has claimed its responsibility, justifying speciously the attack was in revenge of its gunmen' killings by the Karachi police.
In Respighi's Deita silvane, the <-au-> of paurosa is set as a pre-stress hiatus, with two separate disjunct notes, while in the speciously parallel instance of aulenti a single-note diphthong suffices.
The Chief Minister directed that the rates of essential items should be displayed speciously at shops and markets.
visit to Hebron, speciously defined "in solidarity with the settlers", the
The Singkil is secular in nature, performed by the Ummah communities of the Maranao and Maguindanao but often speciously referred to by non-Maranaos as a "Muslim dance", Initially, the dance was performed with just one pair of bamboo poles, in due course adopting the use of two criss-crossing pairs.
Furthermore, if we take Kern at his word and assume that the pervasive "exceptional quality" (7) of his brand of modernism has indeed democratized our world, then the conventional notion that "Realist novels are more readily intelligible on the first reading" (130), presumably along with any and all less exceptional novels that are absent from the study (Waugh, predictably, given the ideology, goes unmentioned, though he is in both good and plentiful company), regurgitated here to the point of supererogation, should be upended, since our post-modernist sensibility would only find their speciously analeptic values more confusing.
The official propaganda organs of the regime have recently made the logic of this "strategy" boldly explicit, linking it speciously to "reform" in the regime: "President Directs Cut-down of Foreign Workers": President of the Republic Omer Al Bashir has underlined the need for continuity of the process of reform and administrative planning and the development of the civil service institutions.
31) the Iowa Supreme Court dealt another blow to the abhorrent institution of segregation and the "separate but equal" rationale upon which it was speciously based.
Syria bleeds and disintegrates --and illustrates why the 'responsibility to protect' doctrine can so far be applied only speciously, as in Libya.
Government, banks and the Reserve Bank have eschewed demanding depositor protection insurance (DPI)--claiming speciously that is is unaffordable--when local banks make more profit per customer than any other and almost all the OECD has DPI.