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Also introduce Mahdavi statistics, Gods, Navix, Toss, Shiraz, Zaria and AL moot by central research and cultivated speciously after doing Anfarm designs in modest regions and cold regions.
In what sounds more like a self-justifying political treatise, the report speciously claims that "more seriously disabled veterans" would "probably" not want the lifelong recognition the monthly payments provide.
Intervening in the incident, one of the police officers was injured speciously and died at the hospital.
The Review has termed CCP a maturing authority, which is still facing the external challenges of operating in a tough environment, but has stuck to its mandate and continues to build a reputation of being taken speciously both within Pakistan and abroad.
And this speciously charming scenery has fallen victim to fire--arson, maybe?
Though these firms speciously tout their designs as "custom," the implants they sell actually are not made-to-order--they're the same off-the-shelf replacements (available in six to 10 standard sizes) that have been used in countless other procedures over the last several decades.
The TTP has claimed its responsibility, justifying speciously the attack was in revenge of its gunmen' killings by the Karachi police.
The Chief Minister directed that the rates of essential items should be displayed speciously at shops and markets.
visit to Hebron, speciously defined "in solidarity with the settlers", the
The Singkil is secular in nature, performed by the Ummah communities of the Maranao and Maguindanao but often speciously referred to by non-Maranaos as a "Muslim dance", Initially, the dance was performed with just one pair of bamboo poles, in due course adopting the use of two criss-crossing pairs.
The official propaganda organs of the regime have recently made the logic of this "strategy" boldly explicit, linking it speciously to "reform" in the regime: "President Directs Cut-down of Foreign Workers": President of the Republic Omer Al Bashir has underlined the need for continuity of the process of reform and administrative planning and the development of the civil service institutions.
Dominick LaCapra has asked whether "historiography in its own way may help not speciously to heal but to come to terms with the wounds and scars of the past" (2001 : 42).