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The presence of speckle affects radiometric resolution and makes it difficult for human interpretation.
In what follows we address the strong wavefront distortion limit N [much greater than] 1: we reduce the problem of speckle intensity distribution to the problem of turbulent mixing by incompressible velocity field in six-dimensional phase space.
With this speckle illumination they obtain fluorescence images that have a very high resolution (0.
Viotti and Albertazzi offer tips, ideas, and examples for applying optical techniques based on the speckle phenomenon outside the laboratory.
In unclotted blood, these light scattering particles move easily about, making the pattern of scattered light called a speckle pattern fluctuate rapidly.
Two-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography (STE) allows the study of regional myocardial deformation expressed by strain and strain rate.
Supreme Sheep Interbreed highland Champion, 3 year old Ewe, Welsh Hill Speckle Face with owner Richard Howatson, Erw Salusbury, Denbigh Vintage traction engine from Anglesey on display Supreme Sheep Reserve Interbreed group of three Champions, was won by the Kerry Hill breed, by the Roberts family, L/R Gwennan and Geraint Roberts pictured with their daughter Alys of Pengwern Bach, Henllan, Denbigh Judge Wyn Jones selects his Beef Champion (second from left) Hereford 'Dendor 1 Firkin'' a 4-year-old Bull with Cennydd Lewis Owen from Hefin Owen, Cefn Du Isaf, Gaerwen, Anglesey
The six chapters of this volume present new techniques in speckle metrology developed since 2000 (for reasons of length, those outside the visual spectrum are not featured).
The existence of speckle is unattractive because of its disgrace image quality and it affects the tasks of individual interpretation and diagnosis.
It appears that DNP is using its photopolymer volume hologram film with its superior mass production attributes to develop holographic optical elements for the reduction of laser speckle in video and data projectors.
Federal de Lavras, Brazil) have edited these articles on methodologies and statistical models used in dynamic laser speckle experiments, using biological and non-biological samples for scientists in a wide variety of agricultural disciplines.
Anderson, Speckle is "a random, deterministic, interference pattern in an image formed with coherent radiation of a medium containing many sub-resolution scatterers.