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On the speckled side of his face he has no eyebrow, and on the other side he has a bushy black one, which want of uniformity gives him a very singular and rather sinister appearance.
The company which brews Greene King IPA, Abbot Ale and Old Speckled Hen beers and owns nearly 1,700 pubs in Southern England, said beer volumes rose six per cent in the first 12 weeks of its new financial year.
Pyl ypchuk renders them all with sad eyes and mouths, often in embarrassing or abject acts (sobbing; vomiting a gluey mess speckled with brightly colored stuff).
The victim, who was in his 20s, is believed to have taken "yellow ecstasy", also known as Speckled Rolex, at a West Belfast address.
Warsaw grouper, speckled hind and other "deep-drop" species in Atlantic waters: Pending approval by NMFS expected later in 2010, Amendment 17B to the South Atlantic Snapper Grouper Fishery Management Plan would prohibit all fishing for or possession of speckled hind (a.
Greene King, which brews Old Speckled Hen and Abbot Ale, said like-for-like sales at its estate of 820 managed pubs were 1.
The breeding groups involved were Hardy Speckled Face, Elan Valley Welsh Mountain, Ceredigion Welsh Mountain and Hafod y Llan Welsh Mountain.
Despite no repeat of the summer heat- wave, it said volume sales of Greene King IPA rose 3pc and Abbot Ale and Old Speckled Hen both increased by 2pc.