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The Battles live in the Berkshire town of Pangbourne which, interestingly, was the setting of a spectacularly violent and disturbing novella, Running Wild, by the late, great JG Ballard.
John Black, president of the Royal College of Surgeons, said: "To say the European working time regulations have failed spectacularly would be a massive understatement.
There are two kinds of memorable sporting losers - those who are spectacularly incompetent and those who are spectacularly bad tempered in defeat.
In the end, though, ``Rome'' seems more a provocation, a prurient invitation to audiences to wallow in the spectacularly staged bad behavior.
This month another bloke trashed his pride and joy in a road rally in Utah when he hit a bump at 200mph, spectacularly rolling his Enzo seven times.
It is the site of the spectacularly successful American Girl Store that opened in 2003 and that currently produces over 50% of the property's income.
Based on the popular Channel 4 TV series, presented by design guru Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs Live is set to be a spectacularly vibrant exhibition with a huge celebrity line-up, including Kevin, Diarmuid Gavin and Naomi Cleaver, ready to inform, excite and inspire visitors to create their own grand design.
However, in a thought-provoking 22-page introduction, Lynn Garafola tells the entire history of ballet in Russia, from its spectacularly imperial origins to modern times.
Gulsun Karamustafa is a chronicler of Istanbul, a crossroads between continents whose multiple--and often conflicting--heritages are visibly and spectacularly piled on one another.
At night, light from the interior radiates out in thousands of shimmering pinpricks, like a spectacularly illuminated porcupine.
We rather spectacularly had to accept that we had not got the entire details of the Hutton story, the Gilligan story, right,' she said.
The battle scenes are spectacularly vivid and filled with drama, transporting the listener back in time.