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Everyone involved remains committed to achieving a spectacularly rebuilt World Trade Center that will serve as the spiritual and economic heart of a revitalized Lower Manhattan.
Gulsun Karamustafa is a chronicler of Istanbul, a crossroads between continents whose multiple--and often conflicting--heritages are visibly and spectacularly piled on one another.
At night, light from the interior radiates out in thousands of shimmering pinpricks, like a spectacularly illuminated porcupine.
We rather spectacularly had to accept that we had not got the entire details of the Hutton story, the Gilligan story, right,' she said.
The battle scenes are spectacularly vivid and filled with drama, transporting the listener back in time.
This was spectacularly demonstrated in the French debate over the 35-hour work week.
He was a spectacularly successful teacher, in the classroom, in supervising theses, and through his textbooks.
Spectacularly failed to catch the imagination of the public.
Locking onto a mountain located between Mare Foecunditatis and Mare Tranquillitatis, the optics system produced a spectacularly detailed image.
The tax credit here was billed as a way of helping low-income kids, and as best as we can determine, it is spectacularly ineffective in doing that.
But after Turner had saved well first from Royle and even more spectacularly from Talbot's header, Margate got back into the game on the hour when Saunders drove home from an acute angle after being given too much space by Talbot.