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She is in the middle of a national talent search, seeking dancers and singers for the seven Christmas Spectacular Productions opening later this year.
Haberman told me that the Christmas Spectacular is about ninety minutes long and the Rockettes usually perform seven or eight different routines.
In addition to the phenomenal display of festive pyrotechnics, produced and choreographed by Pyro Spectaculars, the New Year's celebration will include a giant party atop the tower.
This New Year's eve will boast many spectacular fireworks displays from small town "First Night" celebrations to big city extravaganzas.
and Artkraft Strauss Sign Corporation of New York, have joined forces to provide a multi-million dollar, full-color LED spectacular display in Times Square for Samsung.
Pyro Spectaculars, One of the Nation's Largest Fireworks Companies, Begins Training Aspiring Pyrotechnicians at its 150-Acre Facility in Rialto, Calif.
and it extends our product line by adding the dynamic Spectaculars that provide Times Square with its excitement.
All our holiday spectaculars have been from the heart -- this one most of all," he added.
Each office floor features column-free corners and contains 9'6" floor-to-ceiling glass and a 5' wide window module, resulting in dramatic open spaces with spectacular views of the Hudson River, Times Square, and midtown Manhattan.
Knotts Berry Farm presents its Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular, 9:30 p.