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It is a way that some men have, to glance and dart at others, by justifying themselves by negatives; as to say, This I do not; as Tigellinus did towards Burrhus, Se non diversas spes, sed incolumitatem imperatoris simpliciter spectare.
Sane metropolitana ecclesia theologum nihilominus habeat, qui sacerdotes et alios in sacra pagina doceat et in his praesertim informet, quae ad curam animarum spectare noscuntur.
The four verbs chosen by Pseudo-Fronto for differentiating various modes of vision may justly be reduced to three (videre, (1) spectare, (2) tueri (3)) for aspicere, 'inspect', 'examine', essentially refers to the same mode of vision as its cognate spectare and may be collapsed into the 'look'-category.
The implications of Pseudo-Fronto's videre, spectare and tueri (translated here, respectively, as 'see', 'look' and 'watch'), (5) are in fact more difficult to arrange on such fixed scale than his adverbial modifications (natura, voluntate, cura, ex improviso) seem to imply.
The Cyclops Polyphemus falls in love with the nymph Galatea and, in an attempt to improve his appearance, he watches his own face reflected in a pool, arranging his features into a more pleasing expression: et spectare feros in aqua et componere vultus (Met.
Suave, man i magno turbantibus aequora ventis, e terra magnum alterius spectare laborem; non quia vexari quemquamst iucunda voluptas, sed quibus ipse malis careas quia cernere suave est.
Ivi 958-65: "nec commune bonum poterant spectare neque ullis / moribus inter se scibant nec legibus uti.
Seer and seen are inextricable not only at the level of chiastic syntax--serpentem:spectas :: spectabere:serpens--but also at the thematic level signalled by the verb spectare.
1:735 [misnumbered as 635]): "Pythagoras teaches us that unity looks toward the good, diversity toward the bad" ("Docet nos Pythagoras, unitatem ad bonum spectare, ad malum vero diversitatem").
Suave, mari magno turbantibus aequora ventis, E terra magnum alterius spectare laborem; What joy it is when out at sea the stormwinds are lashing the waters, to gaze from the shore at the heavy stress some other man is enduring
Caetera, quae in ea exerceantur, horum ad alterum semper spectare, Omnemque eius ritum, omnem caeremoniam, aut Dei venerationem exprimere, aut ad salutem, et charitatem erga alios pertinere.
ipsum, ipsum cupido tantum spectare uacauit tranquillum uultus et maiestate serena mulcentem radios summittentemque modeste fortunae uexilla suae; tamen ore nitebat dissimulatus honos.