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With the specular microscope it was possible to analyse, capture images, and quantify the cell density and hexagonality of the corneal endothelium.
These patients were examined for CCT with a noncontact type TOMEY EM 3000 specular microscope with automated analysis.
Specular Microscopy: Assessment of endothelium can be done by Specular Microscope, Most of the eye banks use Konan Eye Bank Keratoanalyzer where in Corneas are examined through standard corneal storage media vials after Securing the viewing chamber or storage media vial on the holding device of the specular microscope.
The high cost of specular microscopes and the difficulty in obtaining good images in injured endothelial areas are common challenges or barriers to the use of this technique (ANDREW et al.
The patients were examined for corneal ECD, average cell size, and 6A% with a noncontact type TOMEY EM-3000 specular microscope with automated analysis.
Tenders are invited for Specular Microscope (06 Nos.