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Likewise, one can only speculate now as to what type of system will be used in the year 2500 to read the same human-readable microfilm and possibly send it to a settlement on Mars.
He speculates on why the gifted son found an entirely different musical path.
You can only speculate about doing better at another location.
Some competitors speculate that RS300 may be alloyed with polybutene, PET or PBT for chemical resistance.
During the past year, at various gatherings celebrating the centennial of the 1891 law that created the national forests, I was asked to speculate about the future of these public lands.
for the brewery's equipment, which, analysts speculate, will be liquidated when he takes control.
Instead of acting on the tip immediately, use it as your potential lead to validate the information further and if found to be viable, try to project the probable impact on the stock price before you decide to speculate.
Allen said he could not speculate why the ISI was doing anything, but insisted that these relations were unhelpful.
In contrast, engineered polystyrene nanoparticles with no organics attached had no apparent effects, leading the team to speculate that the small size of engineered nanoparticles may not be solely responsible for inducing mitochondrial and cellular damage.
In a racially divided Britain, pundits speculate that he may have an advantage with his profound understanding of Islam.
why the BBC needs to put on tawdry trash like Speculate (Wednesday, BBC1).