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Contrary to rumours, incumbent Premier D M Jayarathne is likely to continue, while it is speculated that Sri Lanka's youngest-ever MP, Namal Rajapaksa will be appointed Minister of President's Office and J.
Saturday to man the standby Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in City Hall, to monitor worldwide events and respond to any problems that experts had speculated could result from older computers' inabilities to recognize the four-digit date change.
In the case of the Oil Creek Prospect, Tri-Valley geologists, engineers and geophysicists have speculated a potential, if all six horizons are hydrocarbon-saturated, in the range of 125 million barrels of oil and 125 billion cubic feet of natural gas, all unproven at this stage.
Thompson and others had speculated that debris thrown up during an impact that left behind a large crater named Shoemaker settled back into and filled many of Eros' other craters (SN: 10/27//01, p.
The CFO also speculated that discussions in Internet chat rooms about the stock could be spreading misinformation about the firm's prospects.
About ten years into this search, Folkman published a paper in which he speculated that tumors could not grow larger than the size of a pencil tip unless nourished by their own networks of tiny blood vessels.
Previously, scientists had speculated that the inner zone of a plume consists of molten rock from the lowermost mantle and that the outer layers include material dragged along from higher mantle regions as the plume ascended.
In tests, the researchers failed to identify the protective ingredient, but they speculated that it could be the hops.
We speculated that transfer of DNA between hosts and parasites was a two-way street, but they actually documented that fact.