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The slug taking the hit slows down, so Anthes speculates that the syringelike prong injects a sedative.
Tardif speculates that Canadian companies are discouraged by the cost of exporting to Europe, as well as by differences in product standards and tastes.
However, he speculates, "fluorescence is likely to be a weak color cue compared to the visual signals reflected by pigments in full daylight.
Although yet unproven, we speculate that the potential gas in place in the mapped area is in the range of three trillion cubic feet, which would be a bonanza for our investors and a boon to consumers who are increasingly dependent on imported natural gas and oil to support their abundant lifestyle.
Without the cell-preserving actions of IKK-beta, pre-cancerous cells died before tumors were even initiated, Karin speculates.
Because of the intense nature of a police interrogation, stressed truth tellers may display the same behaviors as liars do, Vrij speculates.
Thery speculates that the first dendritic cells to encounter an infectious microbe produce exosomes bearing microbial antigens as messages to other dendritic cells, sparking a chain reaction that amplifies and perhaps speeds the overall immune response.
Since MC1R resembles that protein, O'Brien speculates that thousands of years ago, an infectious agent that exploits the receptor caused an epidemic in jaguars and jaguarundi.
In accordance with that view, Payne speculates that early farmers in England primarily used milk to make lower-lactose dairy products, at least until widespread biological tolerance for the sugar had evolved.
The ants' three-lane system probably works better for them than a two-lane system would, speculates Couzin.
Short sleep may accelerate the onset of diabetes, Van Canter speculates.
Migeon speculates that Tsix controls imprinted, but not random, X inactivation.