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SPECULATION, contracts. The hope or desire of making a profit by the purchase and resale of a thing. Pard. Dr. Com. n. 12. The profit so made; as, be made a good speculation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In his column published Tuesday, Inquirer columnist John Nery showed how Panelo often speculates during press briefings when asked about the position of President Rodrigo Duterte on certain issues.
When researchers dissected out snail reproductive ducts that receive sperm and smeared them with dart mucus, the ducts began contracting in ways that Chase speculates would send sperm toward the storage organs on the route to fertilization rather than toward a gland that digests sperm.
In contrast, engineered polystyrene nanoparticles with no organics attached had no apparent effects, leading the team to speculate that the small size of engineered nanoparticles may not be solely responsible for inducing mitochondrial and cellular damage.
Although Boshcoff says he cannot speculate on the exact number of jobs these various projects will create, he says he is confident they will provide more local job opportunities.
The sharp drop, some speculate, was the nadir of the economic cycle.
12) Imaginative in using his sources to yield insight into the dreams and hopes of his settlers as well as their material existence, unafraid to speculate, sensitive to the nuances of non-quantitative sources, May has written an excellent and insightful book.
First, he speculates. A close study of many of his press briefings and media interviews shows that, on many of the subjects he is asked to speak on, he does not in fact know what President Duterte is thinking, or he has not consulted the President.
Foster speculates that sexual harassment might have driven females to avoid the male-dominated turf.
"It's very likely that [senile plaques] can be bioactive; they've been seen attached to the sides of nerve cells, but the damage they cause is probably limited," says Klein, who further speculates, "The ADDLs are much more insidious because they diffuse between cells until they find just the right target."
He speculates on why the gifted son found an entirely different musical path.
Demos thereafter speculates that psychology could have played an important role:
"I think it is cost," Tardif speculates. "Why go below Cincinnati when you have such a great market?