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Do not force yourself by speculating on small positions for quick profits.
What happens is, you start speculating, and then the press says 'ah, most people seem to be for him.
We keep talking and speculating about the return of "better times" only to end up back in the same old place.
A brief section speculating about the music for the masque might also have been in order, if only to follow Peter Walls in warning against placing too much (if any) stock in surviving dance tunes with titles like "The Lord Hays his Masque," "The Lo rd Hayes his first Masque," and "Essex Anticke Masque" (in British Library, Add.
Almost all the firms claimed to have elaborate investment schemes, but speculating with their own and other people's securities was their only profitable activity.
Speculating on what options are open to the minister, Traficante said there is a wide range of possibilities, from postponing a decision to not signing the agreement.
In a recent broadcast, the Real Estate News Network did a segment on INREEX and its new approach for speculating on the U.