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With UltiPro as the catalyst, Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center is now ready for new levels of efficiency and business insight.
The organization encourages patients at Eugene Hearing & Speech Center to contact it.
The opportunity to contribute to the children at Lexington Hearing and Speech Center is the best investment we can make in the future of our world," said Bill Austin.
At Type C Disorder Centers such as the San Francisco Hearing and Speech Center, infants with hearing loss can be fitted with amplification as young as four weeks of age.
He serves as Trustee for the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center, is a past chairman of the Milwaukee Public Debt Commission and has been active in other community service boards including serving as a loaned executive for the United Way.
She has also served as associate director and director of marketing at a nonprofit health and social services agency, the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center, and as the director, leadership development for Business Volunteers Unlimited.
35,000 to support an after-school literacy program serving 660 community students and adults in the Bronx * Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center -- $30,000 to fund a literacy laboratory to help people with hearing and speech impairments improve literacy skills by using computer-based technology * EAC Inc.
An active community member, Eisele serves as a board member of the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center and is trustee for Fairmount Presbyterian Church.
We wish him the very best in his pursuit of other interests including his work with the Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Hearing and Speech Center.