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The lord of men stands speechlessly by as the crowd disintegrates, only to be reconvened by Odysseus, who takes the staff from Agamemnon's hand (Il.
The traditional Christian images of reassurance are recalled only as a measure of their inadequacy: "'Is she up there, the woman / who was the pawn that love / offered in exchange for beauty?'" But then, in the second stanza, in a scene whose domestic setting is poignantly reminiscent of some of the earlier poems, as he reads, "the door closed, / she was there, speechlessly enquiring: / Was all well?"; as there had been no pressure to break the silence in life, now in death "noiseless" communion seems tantalizingly possible.
The fondly remembered 'big uncle'--star athlete and ladies' man proved worn and haunted in the flesh, speechlessly devouring sugar sandwiches as if that was all freedom meant.
(16) Likewise, on his very first night in the city, David dreams of a school-friend of his "whom he now saw drowning in front of him, crying out speechlessly, his white legs descending an invisible stair-way" (3).
At the membership meeting after convention, we watched almost speechlessly as the Las Vegas District was reborn.