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So much so that I've cast aside my speechlessness to such an extent that I'm not going to mention the dishes my wife ate - other than to say she, too, was mightily impressed.
The opening words of Jones's novel begin with the whisper of a protagonist whose mouth is "deformed" (15) by its long silence and whose voice is contorted by long periods of speechlessness.
Despite their attempts to draw me from my utter speechlessness, I refused to exchange small talk or smile at them.
At the very center of his work stands an artistic present that is eroded and shattered, one that is presented with speechlessness and an extremely short-tongued rhetoric.
After one trying and particularly painful visit from the doctor, no fault of his, her mother-in-law had been shocked into something akin to speechlessness, when Beatrice, instead serving them coffee and something sweet, a long held habit that she had brought with her from the farm, walked onto the porch with cocktails and a bowl of nuts.
For, as Prem Kumar Rajaram would suggest, speechlessness is a universalizing characteristic common in all refugee experiences.
That the beloved alternately inspires verse of immortal praise and drives his poet to speechlessness has elsewhere proved a suggestive argument for biographical inferences, but Montgomery insists it is merely another Petrarchan convention that Shakespeare appropriates from Sidney.
In this way we shall try to avoid the insoluble dilemma of the historical mystic along with his modern heirs: the dilemma of trying to send messages which deny that messages can be sent, of speaking to an audience while feigning speechlessness.
Speechlessness is rare when talking to the Black Country boy who made his dream come true.
Ironically, however, speechlessness in Wit--together with its spiritual strength--is coupled not with an incarnation but with an undoing of the flesh.
He thought his speechlessness and his flight were connected.