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An affectionate public acknowledged the great speechmaker as the leader who won the war, but they still decided he was not the man for the peace that followed.
In demand around the world as a lecturer, author and speechmaker, Christine Gudorf's many awards include one from the Catholic Press Association for best feature article, "Why Sex is So Good For Your Marriage." A professor of Christian Ethics, Ethics and Development, and Feminism in the Department of Religious Studies at Florida International University, Miami, Prof.
'He might as well have complained that Lincoln did not apply himself to some minor piece of White House business on the morning of the Gettysburg Address,' says Jenkins, who gives due recognition to the importance of Churchill as the great speechmaker delivering his own inspirational words to the nation with a measured gravitas that proved unforgettable.
[21] As toastmaster and speechmaker, Johnston codified the formal structures of social obligation between workers and owners, and the language of her addresses has given some critics pause.
Despite his atheism, the Republican Party's leading national speechmaker; during his public life no Republican candidate for whom Ingersoll did not campaign reached the White House.
The mother, who tells us she is not the speechmaker of the family;
By the end of the 1830s, almost every medium-sized town throughout the country had a lyceum, organizing speeches and sponsoring debates.(177) The terms "lawyer" and "speechmaker" were practically synonymous, and in 1819, attorneys in Missouri called themselves "orators."(178)
An especially strong set of sketches (Woody didn't call the drawings "sets," but he tended to draw similar subjects one after another in his notebooks) shows faceless cops chasing faceless guitar players, over biting captions like "Garden of Eden" and "We will charge the speechmaker with violence."
Q: But you have a character in your quartet warn Minke "to be a writer, and not a speechmaker." Are you making the point that speechifying gets in the way of art?
Other awards include Speechmaker of the Year and Questioner of the Year.
But rarely does the speechmaker show you the money.
Actresses, for example, "are always Miss." As an adult, Virginia marries and divorces, then becomes, indeed, an actress and a labor organizer and fiery speechmaker. Clearly, she has achieved a more public life than that of keeping house and having children.