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It was perhaps this latter practice, after Congress met in Washington for the first time in the closing year of John Adam's administration, that led Jefferson to refer to "the circumstances under which we find ourselves at this place rendering inconvenient the mode heretofore practiced of making personal address the first communication between the legislative and executive branches, " as a reason for sending "a message in writing, " the real reason probably being, many say, the well- known fact that Jefferson was as poor a speechmaker as he was gifted with the pen.
Would sending the strong arm speechmaker back home to Alaska gain the land of the free and over-easy a few Brownie points?
He's a fighter, not a speechmaker, and he's happy to admit it.
A much-hyped March 2007 press conference where Hagel merely announced he would make a decision on the race "later this year" might have defined his image as a do-nothing speechmaker.
Levinson said in an article in Dun's Review, "In a sense, every executive speechmaker is an actor, giving a performance for the edification, entertainment, and approval of a highly specialized audience.
He's not usually a very good speechmaker, but I thought this was one of his best," said Torrey, a Republican candidate for the state Senate.
On this view, Apuleius the speechmaker becomes in his own person a symbol of historical change.
An affectionate public acknowledged the great speechmaker as the leader who won the war, but they still decided he was not the man for the peace that followed.
In demand around the world as a lecturer, author and speechmaker, Christine Gudorf's many awards include one from the Catholic Press Association for best feature article, "Why Sex is So Good For Your Marriage.
He might as well have complained that Lincoln did not apply himself to some minor piece of White House business on the morning of the Gettysburg Address,' says Jenkins, who gives due recognition to the importance of Churchill as the great speechmaker delivering his own inspirational words to the nation with a measured gravitas that proved unforgettable.
21] As toastmaster and speechmaker, Johnston codified the formal structures of social obligation between workers and owners, and the language of her addresses has given some critics pause.
The mother, who tells us she is not the speechmaker of the family;