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Speechmaker won an auction maiden at Roscommon in June and it's worth bearing in mind that he finished in front of Green And Gold, who was subsequently Phantasy Rock's immediate victim at Wexford, when fifth to Stranfield Lady on his handicap debut at Leopardstown last month.
He might as well have complained that Lincoln did not apply himself to some minor piece of White House business on the morning of the Gettysburg Address,' says Jenkins, who gives due recognition to the importance of Churchill as the great speechmaker delivering his own inspirational words to the nation with a measured gravitas that proved unforgettable.
21] As toastmaster and speechmaker, Johnston codified the formal structures of social obligation between workers and owners, and the language of her addresses has given some critics pause.
The mother, who tells us she is not the speechmaker of the family;
An especially strong set of sketches (Woody didn't call the drawings "sets," but he tended to draw similar subjects one after another in his notebooks) shows faceless cops chasing faceless guitar players, over biting captions like "Garden of Eden" and "We will charge the speechmaker with violence.
Q: But you have a character in your quartet warn Minke "to be a writer, and not a speechmaker.
Other awards include Speechmaker of the Year and Questioner of the Year.
But rarely does the speechmaker show you the money.
As an adult, Virginia marries and divorces, then becomes, indeed, an actress and a labor organizer and fiery speechmaker.
Eventually, he became as much a movement-builder as a journalist, tirelessly pushing a reformist agenda as an editor, speechmaker, radio essayist and commentator on "The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour.
At least for this case, being a good teacher was more important than being a good speechmaker.