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It's a one-on-one thing, so that's where your speechmaking abilities and your confidence is important, as you have look the judge in the eye and prove you're right.
Activities include mock party conventions, legislative elections, debates, speechmaking and visits to Capitol Hill.
If, by his own admission, Ed Miliband is no Tony Blair when it comes to speechmaking, then David Cameron is no Winston Churchill either.
And of course there will be much speechmaking about shared values of the two large multi- ethnic multi- religious democracies and the common challenges that India and the United States face.
Speechmaking is not to be discounted in the presidency.
But at his request, there will not be a gift presentation or speechmaking Tuesday night; he's been there and done that before, having previously served one term in 1996-97, and sees no reason to go through it again.
Scott and Welton leave behind the speechmaking competition, however, in favor of a different sort of intertextuality, namely that between the Symposium and Republic.
Obama's speech contained nothing but "verbal eloquence," as if the holy month of Ramadan was devoted to a contest in English literature and speechmaking.
Also, the actors do the best they can with roles that morph increasingly into speechmaking.
Coverage includes an introductory overview of the period, FDR's speechmaking and leadership, medical metaphors and the role of the physician in FDR's "fireside chats," the development and reception of FDR's first inaugural address, Farm Security Administration photography and New Deal visual culture, Eleanor Roosevelt's changes to the rhetorical role of First Lady, the rhetoric of Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins, the Congressional debate over Roosevelt's 1937 "court-packing" plan, the rhetorical career of United Mine Workers of America's president John L.
CEO Chris McMurry said, "This transaction helps us build our speechmaking enterprise, which includes two subscription-based newsletters--The Executive Speaker and Vital Speeches of the Day--and an archive of more than 17,000 speeches.