speed along

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The winding roads could cause problems for the riders as they pick up speed along the stage.
HITTING a deer can end up costing you dear and drivers who ignore warning signs or drive at speed along rural roads at this time of year are making themselves an endangered species, warns the AA.
Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott (both, right) take over from their small screen predecessors to speed along in iconic car General Lee and challenge corrupt local commissioner Boss Hogg (Burt Reynolds) and Sheriff Roscoe P.
When the clusters collided, the volumes of gas were slowed by the impact, but the associated dark matter from each cluster presumably continued to speed along unimpeded.
Visitors speed along the winding coast highway, pausing at overlook points to admire the spectacle of towering cliffs, surf-lashed rocks, rolling hills and meadows.
While some people believe that drinking alcohol can kill off a budding infection, Smith notes that drinking may actually make some bacteria more powerful and speed along a nascent infection.
The cameras then calculate their average speed along the road.
He drove off at high speed along the A6 past the village of Clapham and into Milton Ernest before losing control and crashing into the lamp-post.
Amratlal Kanabar was in a car with three friends after a night out in Nottingham when they were allegedly chased at high speed along the A46 towards Leicester.
Lu and her best friend Ginny speed along the highway passing Dead Man's Bend, the scene of so many accidents, to get booze so they can get high for the weekend parties.
What should be channing never quite is, what should speed along like an express train makes too many stops, and all the delightful things the reader imagines will happen next don't.