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Also, the speedier conclusion of the FTA between Pakistan and Turkey would facilitate the flow of trade, reported an English daily.
COBA (Customer Owned Banking Association) has called for speedier banking reforms in Australia.
We hope that the Supreme Court will also take such pro-active steps for speedier justice in case of Bhagalpur riots, 1984 Sikh carnage and Ramjanma Bhoomi land dispute which is pending in courts for 50 years," he added.
The database project was supposed to give the FBI's nearly 12,000 agents around the country instant access to the agency's databases, allowing speedier investigations and better integration of information within the bureau and with other intelligence agencies that must coordinate national security matters.
Using AutoCAD LT 2002, students will learn concepts, 3D modeling, shortcuts to speedier drawings, plot, and how to create readable technical drawings from actual sketches.
Public transport links through the University Hospital of Wales will be speedier from now on.
Video editing technologies include Smart Video Rendering Technology II and Buffered Capture delivering speedier, easier, and quality editing functions.
An information-packed guideline that teaches young readers about the basic history of the Indianapolis 500 car races, the demands placed upon race car drivers, the mechanical improvements that have made race cars safer and speedier, the meanings of the various flags, and much more, Indy 500 is as fascinating and educational for adults as it is for young people.
One company that's taking advantage of a PLM-based solution for configuration management, resulting in speedier product development, is Nissan Diesel Motor, which produces various classes of trucks, as well as engines, components and special vehicles.
He also installed a new file server to produce a speedier and more effective database and replaced most of the equipment at the organisation's headquarters in Warwick Road, Solihull.
By using IQ on Linux as a base platform, we could potentially save up to 50 percent on hardware and/or licensing costs, which will allow us to analyze and turn data around faster, and provide our retailers with the customer information they demand in a speedier fashion.
Fortunately, in more than a decade of speedier access to new drugs, no drug that posed an unacceptable safety risk was unleashed on the HIV-infected public.