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Speediest of them all was a challenger who looked like he was competing in the wrong event, Joe Spraggins, who became the fastest man to run the race dressed as a swimmer.
SIR Richard Branson has unveiled plans for a new supersonic jet promising the speediest flights across the Atlantic since Concorde.
He also prayed for the speediest and fullest recovery of the wounded.
We also pray for the speediest and fullest recovery of the wounded,' a press release of the Foreign Office said.
Approximately 100 times faster than average internet speeds in the United States, this 1-gigabit service is the speediest Internet service available to Alaska consumers.
These sport-inspired pieces are the speediest way to update your new season look.
We extend our heartfelt condolences to the brotherly people and government of Turkey and pray for the speediest recovery of those injured in this abhorrent attack.
BATELCO again the speediest and top provider of 300 Mbps broadband service in the Kingdom.
Al contract Bel spe atmEBy Bellerin, the speediest player at Arsenal, moved to the Emirates from Barca four years ago at just 16 after spending the ready to skipper Championship.
The speediest cars and their racers will compete at the Providence Area Regional Pinewood Derby on March 28.
Rather than using his column to score journalistic points out of this terrible situation, he would do better to recognise that the position is far from straight forward and join with everyone, of whatever religious or political hue, in hoping for the speediest end to the bloodshed and a return to a peaceful, secure life for all concerned.
Each week, two teams of three family members will be tested in a series of challenges designed to find out who has the speediest reflexes.