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With respect to the means of disclosure, a tool that has played a key role is the internet, especially in the frequency and speediness with which information is shared with investors.
Birmingham Crown Court heard Tasib had been hoping to land a part-time job with a Birmingham pizza delivery business by proving his speediness.
It has many attractive characteristics, such as ease to use, simple structure, speediness and robustness.
Speediness and speedlessness were paradoxically combined to overwhelm the audience emotionally; Vondel made a big leap and then froze the dramatic action to show a most powerful image.
Proper restraining facilities limiting animal movement are required to ensure operator's safety and speediness of procedure.
This topic--how to increase the speediness of the SMEs internationalization process--is not only getting awareness in our society, or mainly in the Southern Euro Currency Area (ECA) countries, but also among the research community.
Kwin and bom represent points on either side of a dialectic applying to all games: that of speediness and thoughtfulness.
has the best of both worlds, with the speediness and versatility of acity car while packed full of the amazing equipment you will find inother, larger Volkswagens.
Of course, it's possible that the books might arrive many months later, and that they were hoping for too much speediness from the public post.
Reasons for Keeping a Paper-Based Sketchbook alongside a Digital Sketchbook * Familiarity for initiating thinking; ease of quickly creating general outlines of product form, 'dirty' drafts, and details; speediness of operating with well-known medium; avoidance of undesirable attention from using new technology; immediate control over pen-paper relationship; spreading out multiple sheets during critiques to help generate new sketches; differing sizes of paper (canvas); pleasant aesthetics of interacting with pen and paper.
By the end of the film, Theo's speediness not only wins him the race, but also saves the Starlight Plaza by turning it into a vibrant racing business centre.