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Three main metrics are used to measure such improvement; namely, the speedup, the efficiency, and the scalability.
The speedup results of the lock-based and the lock-free implementations over the sequential implementation using the Intel Xeon based system are given in Fig.
Adjusting parameters for PSB keeps a balance between speedup and accuracy loss.
Speedup = [S.sub.seq](n, 1)/[S.sub.par](n, p) (4.3)
Some of the most used image processing algorithms, which are suitable for algorithm parallelization, were evaluated and speedups were compared to a single core of the CPU.
This may result in slightly lower speedup but this is acceptable considering the significant benefit of the process automation.
The minimum speedup of 2.06 times was obtained on Machine-B, whereas, the maximum speed-up of 7.71 times was obtained on Machine-C.
Figure 7 shows the speedup of the O1 optimization using the shared memory for the input signal.
Since this also adversely affects the cycle output of the labeller, MULTIVAC has developed a SpeedUp module that consists of a servo-driven label advance and a label buffer, in which the preprinted labels are temporarily buffered.
SpeedUp 4G smartphone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon410 with an X5LTE modem, featuring 64-bit quad-core CPUs running at speeds of 1.2Ghz per-core along with superior graphics performance with the Qualcomm Adreno 306GPU, 1080p video playback and 5inch HD display (1280x720px).
Driven by a massively parallel architecture with breakthrough optimization technologies, the Innovus Implementation System provides typically 10 to 20 percent better PPA and up to 10X full-flow speedup and capacity gain at advanced 16/14/10nm FinFET processes and established process nodes.