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This research aims to increase the speedup, the efficiency and the scalability of the sequential code by exploring its embedded parallelism.
Additionally, Figure 8 shows the speedup of O2a optimization only using the shared memory for filter kernel.
The SpeedUp module decouples the labelling process from the printing process: the printer is therefore also able to print while the labeller is at a standstill.
In 2Q2015, SpeedUp will release its first entry-level 5- inch 3G smartphone in Indonesia followed by 4G version.
With a copy of 360Amigo System Speedup and without any need for technical knowledge, frustrated users can breathe new life into their PCs," explains Ville Korhonen, VP Product Marketing.
The design principles behind the speedup and the efficiency metrics present in this work were inspired from the parallel computing literature.
The speedup was 5 to 10 in a server equipped with Intel Xeon quad core processor.
The load balancing of an application has a direct impact on the speedup to be achieved as well as in the performance of the parallel system [8][16].
Economic feasibility is not of particular concern to him, but the 30- to 40-fold speedup he typically observes is enough to make a dramatic difference in the quantity and quality of his research results.
Speedup measures the extent of the execution time reduction of the parallel algorithm as compared to its sequential counterpart.
A speedup of 30 makes it possible for researchers to do calculations they only dreamed about before.