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Higher speedups are obtained when using single instead of double precision.
We are also interested in determining whether loop unrolling and precision has an effect on the speedup.
The speedup was 5 to 10 in a server equipped with Intel Xeon quad core processor.
The speedup in a server, based on AMD Optron D250 dual processor, is approximately 25 for Gauss Jordon and 107 for Gaussian elimination.
Another user who has found only small speedups is W.
When run on a parallel supercomputer, larger speedups are possible on some, very simple, inner loops with huge iteration counts.
Notions of scalability are invariably tied to notions of speedup.
A scalable architecture exhibits speedup linearly proportional to p, the number of processors employed.
In problems involving wave propagatin, mechanics and fluid flow, they achieved speedups of 1,020, 1,019 and 1,011 respectively.
With their speedups of 502 to 637 from the fixed-sized problems, Benner and his colleagues were also the recipients earlier this month of this first Gordon Bell Award, which was established to acknowledge important contributions to parallel processing applied to real problems.
The addition of optimized native compilers for C and C++ provides a speed improvement of as much as 50 percent in the execution of generated code, while the new optimized compiler for pTAL provides a measured 36 percent speedup.