speedy completion

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DG NAB Balochistan Mirza Mohammad Irfan Baig vowed to speed up concerted efforts for speedy completion of cases initiated by the bureau.
DG NAB Balochistan Mirza Mohammad Irfan Baig has vowed to speed up concerted efforts for speedy completion of cases initiated by the bureau.
Represented by Mr Adetunji Adeoye, the South-West Director of the Ministry, Fashola said that Federal Government was committed to the speedy completion of the road.
They said ensuring speedy completion of the projects was vital to win maximum seats in the district.
ISLAMABAD -- Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that development projects completed by PML-N government are an example of their own in transparency, speedy completion and high quality.
He also ordered for speedy completion of restructuring work of directorate of land and directorate general.
The chairman called the heads of all these projects and Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) in the next briefing and brief the committee for the speedy completion of these projects to give relief to masses.
Let Pakistan's economy move towards improvement and let speedy completion of public welfare projects be ensured, he beseeched.
He said that transparency and speedy completion of development projects in the province is our hallmark and he is always available to serve the masses.
The ministry has pointed out that investors' inclination towards the use of electronic services contributes to the increase in the number of transactions, speedy completion of applications, clarity in the procedures and updating of all the company's data electronically.
Against this huge PSDP outlay, as much as more than Rs 310 billion have already been released by the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms for continuing implementation of on-going development projects for ensuring their timely and speedy completion without break or delay due to delay in provision of funds on any account and this is quite good to note.
He further said that speedy completion of energy projects is a conspicuous proof ofthe government's performance.