speedy disposition

See: dispatch
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It still bears the problem of congestion in courts thereby the speedy disposition of cases such as drugs cases had been taking a toll on our justice system," Tambunting said.
In ruling on a motion for continuance, the court shall consider the rights of the defendant and any victim to a speedy disposition of the case.
Despite the imperfections of a victims' bill of rights and a right to speedy trial statute, more states should adopt the bill of rights to their state constitutions or enact legislation acknowledging the interest victims have in the speedy disposition of the trial.
h) Victims and witnesses, particularly children, should have a speedy disposition of the entire criminal justice process.
The President also urged the need for speedy disposition of cases in accordance with Islamic law and the laws prevalent in the country.
In these situations a speedy disposition is desirable because a defendant released on bail might be "unable to lead a normal life because of community suspicion and his own anxiety.
This allows speedy disposition of minor construction claims, where contractors are required to continue to perform work on the project while the parties resolve their dispute.
24 that he sexually assaulted a former seminary student and asked a court for a speedy disposition of the case.