speedy transaction

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After using a Visa card, either in a digital or physical store, customers hear a chime of sorts, signifying a secure, speedy transaction. Eighty-three percent of respondents said Visa's new sound sparked a positive perception of the brand.
'We might not give the best price to the consumer but we can guarantee a secure and speedy transaction,' he said, adding the consumer did not have to go through the tiresome process of verifying documents and other similar requirements.
The speedy transaction included obtaining planning permission and getting a lease agreed for the new healthcare facility, located just 50 yards away on Hylton Park Road.
While selling it to these dealers or exchanging it for a new purchase ensures an easier and speedy transaction, it may not prove to be the best deal financially.
The company is actively marketing the 16,605 s/f property to active investors open to a speedy transaction.
Consequently all the functionaries/agencies and banks at ports be also exempted from two-day holiday holidays for smooth and speedy transaction of business at ports," he demanded.
Positioning the business for acquisition or investment in advance of any approaches will also enable a speedy transaction. Pre-transaction due diligence activities include dealing with all relevant IP registrations for the technology, ownership of all tangible and intangible assets, valuation of such assets, transaction history, customer and supplier history and contracts, financial information and history, business plans and growth projections, and corporate structure and history.
She said: "Many people have extremely busy lives and the sooner they can secure an exchange and plan a suitable completion, the better"Our own client base, from private sellers to property developers, have overwhelmingly expressed a view that they would gladly pay a little more for a controlled, speedy transaction which exchanges significantly earlier than the usual six to ten weeks as currently applies.
Mercury is the planet to write to on a Wednesday, also to ask for better understanding to flow between neighbours and siblings, and the right day to wish for a speedy transaction in business, or for answers with a puzzling problem.
In locations where the Choice service is not available, you can enjoy the same speedy transaction at the counter.
"We will make sure the process is seamless and will offer a speedy transaction paying you what you deserve within minutes - straight into your bank.
* Will automated or pre-programmed exchanges or speedy transactions facilitating payments or approvals result in reduced costs?