spell danger

See: caution
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Jonathan Thurston, Matt Scott, James Tamou and Michael Morgan should be far better rested this week having had a few days and that could spell danger for the Eels.
And Jackett feels his many sub appearances means he is fresher than most players at this pivotal stage of the season which could spell danger for Championship defences.
MALKY MACKAY believes Wigan Athletic's fledgling frontline duo Martyn Waghorn and James McClean spell danger to Huddersfield Town.
But he warned it could spell danger for the Parkhead men.
The Armenian - who is based in Germany - has now accepted Smith (35-3) as a voluntary challenger and Hearn says that could spell danger for the champion.
A study finding by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) released last week said large-scale unregulated use of antibiotics in the poultry industry in the country could spell danger for Indians as it would lead to consumers of poultry to develop resistance to antibiotics.
MAURICIO Pochettino has warned Dani Osvaldo is still nowhere near his best - news which could spell danger for Southampton's Premier League rivals and also for England at the World Cup.
SPRINT starters Stockton Town are set to be near full strength tomorrow - which should spell danger for struggling Gateshead Leam Rangers.
If this strong crosser of the ball is allowed to impose himself on the game it could spell danger.
A zero per cent card such as Tesco's Clubcard offers a competitive 16 months interest-free on buys - but this can spell danger.
Together they spell danger to each and every Floridian.
When the Prominence goes to the aid of a rogue unidentified spacecraft a series of events begin to unfold which spell danger and the possible annihilation of the ship and all on it.