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His inflections felt natural, much unlike the ordinary political spellbinder.
They have also created the Spellbinder range, made from turkey and covered with an enchantingly crispy crumb coating.
Students and colleagues described him as a "enchanter", a spellbinder and a magician and a "magical" weaver of concepts.
Hermione (Emma Watson)--now she's a great girl, every young boy's dream, a literal spellbinder.
So pay attention to classroom management issues, but don't idealize the spellbinder or the behavior control expert.
Most improved title went to Rudy Underwood, editor of the Southern Section's SPEllbinder.
But the model for the rhetorician whose orotund sentences ravished the minds and hearts of those who heard him on the radio was Mark Antony, the spellbinder who provokes mutiny while saying, "Good friends, sweet friends, let me not stir you up/To such a flood of mutiny" (Julius Caesar 3.
She modestly attributes this development to meeting Marxist spellbinder, dialectician and Pan African activist C.
The transformation of Karen from a girl brought up beside the sea in the Argyll village of Tarbert to showbiz spellbinder was quite magical.
Foot, in hall, hustings or House of Commons, was another spellbinder.
Aristide, a spellbinder, was elected president in a landslide in 1990, only to be overthrown in a 1991 coup.
But then last week I went to hear Ze'ev Binyamin Begin, son of the old spellbinder and namesake of Jabotinsky, and now a candidate to succeed Shamir.