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Many are spellbinding performances that have nothing to do with western expectations of pornography, and Lim (theater and performance studies, Brown U.
ADDICTIVE Z Dust is a mix of combat, exploration and imagination, made with spellbinding artistry
While familiarity with INKHEART is recommended, it's not necessary to appreciate its sequel INKSPELL which is spellbinding on its own.
He educates the reader about the sport of bullfighting in Spain, along with treasures of historical information, while weaving a spellbinding romantic story.
8 The Way the Crow Flies AnnMarie MacDonald (HarperCollins)A spellbinding sophomore outing from the multitalented gay Canadienne.
She is spellbinding and inspirational, with a voice that would crack ice.
This is Tyree's tenth novel and one of his most absorbing and spellbinding.
Her treatments are straighter, be it a pedal steel weeper treatment of O Little Town Of Bethlehem and an equally countryish Silent Night on the one hand or a regal treatment of The Little Drummer Boy and a spellbinding version of The Huron Carol on the other.
The company has developed a number of spellbinding schemes available at selected developments across the region throughout the Halloween period, including its popular Finishing Touches, free carpets and curtains, a Laura Ashley design service and five per cent deposit or legal fees paid.
It's easy to understand his artistic dilemma, though: Creating sequences of such uncanny power necessarily upsets the very idea of narrative or thematic resolution; those spellbinding intervals overwhelm not just the characters but the film itself.
This wealth of spellbinding detail creates a rather gossipy relationship between author and reader -- particularly since much of the evidence relates to intimate surgical operations.
Danzig, one of the nation's most spellbinding motivational speakers, will be a guest at the NACORE New York Holiday Evening Party, co-sponsored with IDRC, on Tuesday, December 7th at 7:30 p.