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In the diary he recounts a meeting with Diana, who he described as "absolutely, spellbindingly, drop-dead gorgeous, in a way that the millions of photos didn't quite get".
Prepare to enter the wardrobe and enjoy a spectacular and magical fantasy voyage through the spellbindingly beautiful world of Narnia.
Spellbindingly fast download speeds will be available in the marketplace within a few years, which will be a boon to legitimate dispatching of movies to consumers.
But the love is enduring and surely the rewards of being part of something which, every once in a while, is so spellbindingly beautiful compensates for the ugliness and brutality which dims the flame.
We hear enthralling stories of its wonders, its exoticness in a conversation William and Marianne have aboard the ship Green Dolphin when Captain O'Hara talks spellbindingly of mako sharks, forests with giant ferns, and of birds bigger than ostriches.
SAN ANTONIO -- It was a spellbindingly intense and brutal performance, and the concert hadn't even begun.
This spellbindingly sculpted metaphorical phrase, however, establishes an analogy to the previous stanza's allusion to a jungle lurking under the young woman's belly.
The movie begins, spellbindingly, with a scene, not in the play, of teen-age girls whirling around a fire they've built in a forest at midnight, chanting the names of boys they hope to seduce.
The glacial Hymn to the Virgin, spellbindingly delivered, but even above that, an early candidate for my highlight of the year, a performance of the ineffable Hymn to Saint Cecilia which, beautifully projected, crystalline in diction, brought all the meditative fervour of this minimasterpiece to a large, enraptured audience.
In Tanaka's contribution, "Random Hours, Several Locations" (an exhibition with work made between 2004 and 2009), a recorded series of quotidian actions spun complex aural patterns from domestic life, while the videos in Hiro's component, "Night and Fog, Tubes on Black Mountain" (all works cited, 2010), were set to spellbindingly intense drumbeats.