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As she gazed spellbound, a portion of the slope beneath her suddenly seemed to sink and crumble, and was swallowed up in the rushing stream.
At the first sound of his torrent of words Colin had been so surprised that he had only sat up and listened as if he were spellbound.
He carried no arms whatever, nothing but a rosary of beads bigger than fair-sized filberts, each tenth bead being like a moderate ostrich egg; his bearing, his gait, his dignity and imposing presence held me spellbound and wondering.
None spoke; all seemed waiting; and all were silent but the captain, whose vulgar champing reached me through the crazy lattice, as I stood spellbound and petrified without.
It was a duel that held those who witnessed it in spellbound silence.
I stood rigid, spellbound, watching the white wake of the torpedo.
But nobody thought about her appearance when the power and magic of her voice caught and held her listeners spellbound.
As we stood there for a moment, spellbound by the sight of those fearsome creatures occupying the very thrones of the sovereigns of England, the low growl was repeated, and a great male rose slowly to his feet.
Four Winds Harbor was beginning to be a thing of dream and glamour and enchantment--a spellbound haven where no tempest might ever ravin.
Spellbound is a gastronomical journey for those exploring the ageless royal Mughlai or Awadhi cuisines.
ISLAMABAD -- Spellbound organized the colourful 'Aqua Festival' at Defence Authority Country and Golf Club on Sunday.
From the moment the rink burst into life with regulars Mickey and Minnie the audience was spellbound.