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666, L'Empereur Napoleon, and L'russe Besuhof- all this had to mature and culminate, to lift him out of that spellbound, petty sphere of Moscow habits in which he felt himself held captive and lead him to a great achievement and great happiness.
Spellbound, she stood above her victim watching the spectacle.
There was a certain fascination in the savage ceremony that held the girl spellbound, and as there seemed little likelihood of her being discovered, she felt that she might as well remain the balance of the night in her tree and resume her flight by the comparatively greater safety of daylight.
It was a duel that held those who witnessed it in spellbound silence.
I stood rigid, spellbound, watching the white wake of the torpedo.
The other members of the two bodies of royalist soldiers had sat spellbound as they watched the battle, but now, as their leader's corpse rolled from the saddle they spurred furiously in upon De Conde and his little party.
The Kru boy, shrinking away from the dark muzzle of that motionless revolver, was spellbound with fear.
But he himself remained alone, a silent, spellbound, fascinated witness of this epic of slaughter and ruin.
The act released his physical energies without unfettering his will; his mind was still spellbound, but his powerful body and agile limbs, endowed with a blind, insensate life of their own, resisted stoutly and well.
Spellbound, he stood a while watching the lovely lady.
But nobody thought about her appearance when the power and magic of her voice caught and held her listeners spellbound.
As we stood there for a moment, spellbound by the sight of those fearsome creatures occupying the very thrones of the sovereigns of England, the low growl was repeated, and a great male rose slowly to his feet.