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SPELLING, The art of putting the proper letters in words.
     2. It is a rule that when it appears with certainty what is meant, bad spelling will not avoid a contract; for example, where a man agreed to pay thirty pounds, he was held bound to pay thirty pounds; and sentence was holden to be seventeen. Cro. Jac. 607; 10 Coke, 133, a; 2 Roll. Ab. 147.
     3. Even in an indictment undertood has been holden as understood. 1 Chit. Cr. Law.
     4. A misspelling of a name in a declaration, will not be sufficient to defeat the plaintiff, on the ground of variance between the writing produced, and the declaration, if such name be idem sonans; as Kay for Key. 16 East, 110; 2 Stark. 29; Segrave for Seagrave. 2 Str. 889. See Idem Sonans.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Ananya doesn't focus on memorising how each word is spelled. Instead, her process is thought-out and incredibly organised.
That the two state names OHIO and UTAH can both be spelled out from SOUTH CAROLINA set me wondering about the wider challenge of finding words or names that have 2 state names hidden in them.
For example, Ehri and Wilce (1987) examined whether instruction in segmenting and spelling a set of phonetically spelled words and nonwords (e.g., SNO, OLS) would transfer to reading a set of phonetically spelled new words which contained the same sounds taught in the spelling instruction (e.g., SOP).
The child who spelled the word samt in the pretest, and then was able to produce stadment in the post-test had made significant progress.
For instance, a teacher may begin by stating that a phonological lens will be used to examine whether a given word can be accurately spelled using a phonological based strategy.
extinct: spelled across, first row; adapt: spelled across, fourth row; meteor: spelled across, sixth row; erupt: spelled diagonally, first row and column; magma: spelled downward, first column; prey: spelled downward, fourth column; comet: spelled downward, sixth column; trust: spelled backward, last column Fun Fact: waterwheel plant
The students spelled three types of words: irregular high-frequency words, decodable real words, and decodable pseudowords.
Victor gave the approved spelling, spelled one more word correctly, and won, qualifying for the Ventura County Spelling Bee.
'mnemonics', 'saying words as they are spelled' etc and each of the other units focuses upon a particular aspect of spelling, e.g.
From package stores that spell bottles and wine incorrectly, to legal briefs that seemingly with each passing year have more glaring spelling mistakes, to the national news network MSNBC, which spelled Binghamton, N.Y., as Binghampton, N.Y., during the recent shooting in which 14 people were killed, it doesn't take an English professor to realize that spelling mistakes are becoming more common.
The majority of the students used contracted braille and spelled the words on the TWS-4 in both contracted and uncontracted braille.