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Payne maintained that it was being in Congress, which entails listening almost constantly to lobbyists' arguments for more government spending, that persuaded congressmen to spend, not a calculated attempt to buy off votes.
After mid-March, Dole was legally unable to spend much for months.
Republican presidents, on the other hand, are able to get many of their fellow Republicans in Congress to support them, not only because of party loyalty, bar also because the Democrats always make sure that the Republican president's spendthrift proposals appear "conservative" compared to what they would like to spend.
The President's promise to simultaneously keep to the schedule of last year's ballooning tax cuts, spend billions more on countering terrorism and return to a balanced budget by the end of his first term can only be accomplished by reducing discretionary spending.
If we gave up our expensive cars or large houses, for example, we wouldn't have to work as hard and would have more time to spend with our families.
The accounting department can spend less time on bank reconciliations and transaction processing.
This line of research is important, as students' efforts to manage their homework and their attitudes toward homework may be influenced by the amount of time they spend on doing homework, as high school students usually have been left out of public discussions of homework (Loveless, 2003).
Discretionary spending includes most defense spending and nonentitlement social programs; it's what the president and Congress decide to spend each year through appropriations bills.