spend lavishly

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We have proposed several amendments to the budget that will direct payments to ministries and government bodies that serve the people and do not spend lavishly," he said.
They give expensive presents and spend lavishly on the girls and some girls exploit this and increase their demands on such men.
Islamabad -- The Nawaz government has planned to spend lavishly from the national exchequer in the garb of fee on eminent lawyers to be hired for defending government in the judicial commission, formed to probe the alleged rigging in the 2013 general elections.
Today, Google is so dominant in search advertising that it has almost no choice but to spend lavishly in search of future businesses.
The financiers and sharks at the Tory bash spend lavishly so Cameron will champion their pet causes, including tax avoidance.
22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Volume sales of personal accessories continued to struggle during 2014, although a slight improvement from 2013 results is expected over the course of the year as many consumers remain unable to spend lavishly on personal accessories.
They are just as likely to spend lavishly on grooming and being fitted out to make the best impression possible.
The Red Devils now go into the fifth round of the Challenge Cup with their tails up and their exuberant owner, Marwan Koukash, feeling a little more vindicated for his decision to spend lavishly on re-building the team after his acquisition of the club.
The cocaine allegations are central to the ongoing fraud case involving her aides who claim Lawson allowed them to spend lavishly in return for keeping silent about her alleged drug use.
While the people of Maharashtra continue to reel under severe drought, state's leaders continue to spend lavishly and waste water.
It is very rare to find a customer who will spend lavishly in the nightclubs.
Taufiq Ansari alleged professional employees were insulted and fired by Mukhtar, who was also blamed for mounting pressure on staff to spend lavishly on his guests, friends and relatives.