spend lavishly

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At home, most of the parents spend lavishly on clothing and foot-wears of their children, but they avoid buying books for their children.
In a circular issued by the Andhra Pradesh Endowments Department through the Hindu Dharma Parirakshana Trust (HDPT), it has suggested the Hindu temples to not celebrate New Year on January 1 and spend lavishly for the same.
As a result, they can act as a bully to small banks and credit unions, push a far-left agenda, and spend lavishly on bureaucrat salaries that are obscenely higher than the vast majority of public servants.
The wife of the Golden State Warriors star player insists that she's not one to spend lavishly on getting her hair done and that the rumor that she spent $50,000 for a hairstyle is outright ridiculous.
The strategy - spend lavishly on infrastructure, jump-start key industries with state funds and lobby the private sector to participate - carries substantial financial risks.
There was no name or address of the person or group responsible, but whoever it was is obviously prepared to spend lavishly to promote the EU.
We have proposed several amendments to the budget that will direct payments to ministries and government bodies that serve the people and do not spend lavishly," he said.
They give expensive presents and spend lavishly on the girls and some girls exploit this and increase their demands on such men.
Islamabad -- The Nawaz government has planned to spend lavishly from the national exchequer in the garb of fee on eminent lawyers to be hired for defending government in the judicial commission, formed to probe the alleged rigging in the 2013 general elections.
Employment rates are improving, and thanks to exposure to global trends and lifestyles, this modern young generation has a strong desire to spend lavishly on leisure and personal goods, especially designer bags, jewellery, watches and devices such as smartphones and laptops.
Aceh province, in western Indonesia and the only part of the country to enforce Islamic sharia laws, and the capital Jakarta are both seeking to lure Middle Eastern tourists, who often bring many family members with them and spend lavishly.
Today, Google is so dominant in search advertising that it has almost no choice but to spend lavishly in search of future businesses.