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Typically, a significant portion of a government's spendable resources can be spent only for specified purposes.
But the committee's reversal on taking money from the airport marketing fund reduced the available money for the coming fiscal year by $100,000, and another $200,000 in the pool of spendable money was earmarked last week for mixed residential and retail "nodal" planning and land use code updates.
As part of Duke's contribution, $50,000 per year in spendable dollars will be made available immediately to support needy Latino patients and their families.
It's that while the bland euro notes are all the same, each of the 12 euro countries has its own, highly distinctive coins, spendable anywhere in Europe.
Another way to look at these figures is to consider the $2,200 income tax savings as a consolation prize for giving up the $9,200 in spendable cash.
Our industry must quickly respond to five implications: (1) diminished savings-portfolio performance in terms of savings rates and stock-portfolio values; (2) more focus and reliance on liquidated home equity resulting in increased sensitivity to entry fees; (3) higher incidence of necessary asset spend-down for a given income class; (4) less discretionary or spendable income; (5) much higher levels of financial sensitivity.
It's a new service that will help you turn that jar of coins into spendable cash - and the chances are you have more than you think.
Declining fuel prices fatten consumers' spendable income just like an immediate tax cut.
Perhaps a step in the right direction was taken in June of 2001, when Argentina's economic minister, Domingo Cavallo, announced a plan to increase spendable income of the middle class as well as lower costs of business.
Tax cuts are sometimes a good idea, and there are some groups in our society who would benefit greatly from increased spendable income.
This results in increased spendable income for employees who use FSAs and minimal costs for employers who offer them.
And they are just as big a boom as we were, in terms of spendable income and their attitudes towards shopping.