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IF you're always turning to your wallet when you're feeling particularly bored, stressed or happy, you could be an emotional spender.
Over 85% of Plus Spender advertisers indicated they are already using some form of mobile advertising, and they intend to increase that usage next year by focusing on areas such as mobile search, mobile websites and mobile display," Matthiessen said.
Among the top 10 spenders - British (nine per cent), Saudis (19 per cent) and Qataris (74 per cent) stemmed the tide with a healthy positive growth in Q3 2015 vs.
Russians spends declined by 74 per cent, and they were replaced by Saudis as one of the top tourist spenders.
Top ICT spenders in the UK; Estimated ICT budget breakdowns in 2015
This, then, would be Spender post-Encounter and years before the nasty Leavitt controversy.
Identifying high spenders by means of market segmentation can therefore assist festivals such as the Aardklop National Arts Festival in targeting profitable markets.
The top five airline spenders are Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirates Airlines and Egypt Air.
Latest Premier League figures put Roman Abramovich's club top of the big spenders list, just as other clubs are cutting back on their own fees.
NORTHERN Ireland holidaymakers have become the big spenders when on vacation, according to a survey today.
Pharmaceutical firms GlaxoSmithKline and Astra Zeneca were at numbers 11 and 18 respectively in the rankings as the top British spenders.
IRISH tourists are the world's joint biggest spenders when on holiday.