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Given that substantial funding is needed to hire teachers and staff, purchase instructional materials, and maintain facilities, the lack of a positive relationship between school spending and student outcomes is surprising.
And despite coming in the top five, Chinese tourists' spending is down by 7% on the same period last year.
According to data analysed by VisaNet on international visitors' spending to the UAE as well as residents in the first half of the festival, fashion shops were on top of the list, with spending of roughly $151.2m.
Strong growth was seen in supermarket spending, on clothing and at department stores as households stocked up on food and drink for Easter, updated their wardrobes for spring, and took the opportunity of four days off to go shopping.
While national TV advertising, digital display advertising, direct online advertising and outdoor advertising spending are all experiencing slowing growth prospects, local TV ad spending is growing rapidly as a result of political ad sales and is now the one bright spot in an otherwise bleak industry landscape.
A spending policy should balance principal preservation, budgetary stability, and intergenerational equity.
A spend analysis program can provide valuable visibility into an organization's procurement spending, which in turn allows the organization to consolidate both its suppliers and its spending.
Cardholders in the UAE were apparently more generous with their spending dollar during the fourth quarter of 2010, purchasing food, shopping and spending on hotel stays
Kantar, which surveys the entire ad-spending landscape, said total ad spending across all media in 2010 was up 6-1/2 percent, to $131,100 million, with fourth-quarter spending up seven percent.
Last year IT spending in the GCC totalled $7.67bn, according to an International Data Corporation (IDC) report.
Companies can also ensure spend compliance by realizing vendor rebates, reducing maverick spending, enforcing contract compliance and meeting budgetary goals.
It's smaller than the 2005 deficit of $316 billion, but only because people are paying more taxes, not because anyone has reduced spending.