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Last winter Republican leaders promised to cut spending and end corruption, but as spring turned into summer those same leaders opted instead for crass efforts to write bans on gay marriage and flag burning into the U.
Over the past five years, there's been a gradual decrease in internal IT spending among all tiers of insurance, said Ed Blomquist, financial-services technology analyst at Datamonitor and author of the "U.
The Building Congress report, based on an analysis of capital budgets, private sector development plans and other indicators, forecasts construction spending of $20.
In fact, appropriate SG & A levels cannot be set without evaluating "shadow spend," which refers to categories of spending that are SG & A-oriented but are categorized as COGS.
federal spending as a percent of GDP under his watch.
Earlier, almost all major presidential candidates agreed to limit spending in return for public money.
When liberal Democrat Bill Clinton occupied the White House, federal spending continued to climb, but at a slower annualized rate of 3.
Government borrowing and spending to fill some of the gap may not be the ideal solution.
Those spending priorities spell trouble for long-term care.
If personal spending is thus a public issue, it may make sense to regulate it.