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Differences in boar sperm head shape and dimensions recorded by computer-assisted sperm morphometry are not related to chromatin integrity.
Sperm qualities and diameter of seminiferous tubules of rats after 60 day treatments Parameters Control Sperm qualities Sperm concentration 39.58 [+ or -] 6.48 (x [10.sup.6] cells/ml) Abnormal sperm heads (%) 0.38 [+ or -] 0.18 Acrosome reacted sperms (%) 6.50 [+ or -] 0.70 Diameter of seminiferous 315.71 [+ or -] 5.94 tubules ([micro]m) Parameters LL Sperm qualities Sperm concentration 26.88 [+ or -] 5.91 * (x [10.sup.6] cells/ml) Abnormal sperm heads (%) 3.69 [+ or -] 1.05 * Acrosome reacted sperms (%) 14.88 [+ or -] 1.40 * Diameter of seminiferous 279.09 [+ or -] 6.14 * tubules ([micro]m) * Significant differences (p<0.05) as compared with control group
The stained slides were rinsed with distilled water and after drying were inspected under fluorescent microscope for assessment of sperm head decondensation and chromatin integrity (observing 200 sperm with high magnification/slide).
Recently, toluidine blue, a nuclear stain used to evaluate chromatin integrity [4, 26, 31] has been used successfully to morphometric analysis by CASMA [4, 34, 38], and this combination has opened the possibility to evaluate simultaneously the sperm head morphometry and chromatin integrity as well as their relationship and could be a powerful tool to improve the results of spermiogram [33].
The variables: sperm head (loose, macro, micro, pyriform), mid piece (double, bent), and tail (short, bent, coiled, loose, looped, doubled), had prevalence lower than 1% (results not presented).
The only advantage of CASA is that this system, through serial digital images, plots the movements of the sperm head, showing motion kinetics of the sperm that are not possibly assessed through routine microscopy (Kay and Robertson, 1998).
(4) The large asymmetrical movement generates a circular swimming trajectory of the sperm head and the large symmetrical movement produces a figure-eight-path by one beat cycle because of the symmetrical movement.
In addition, sperm head vacuoles are thought to be produced at earlier stages of sperm maturation and that normal acrosome reactions are more likely to be induced in spermatozoa without large nuclear vacuoles [22].
of a sperm head showing the perforatorium (p), acrosomal vesicle (a), and extraacrosomal tissue (e).
According to Kruger's criteria, sperm with normal morphology were significantly higher in the control group, whereas sperm head anomalies were significantly higher in the varicocele group (Table 1).
Mutagenicity determination: Mutagenicity was determined by examination of the sperm head abnormalities after testicles dissections that followed the methods of Wyrobek & Bruce (1975).
The authors reported signatures of directional selection on sperm head length that were consistent with the idea that divergence in sperm morphology across populations can be mediated by sexual selection.