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heroism in spernere se sperni [that] surpasses the virtue of all the saints." (87) This list, by no means complete, lends coherence to the seemingly incoherent view that the most catastrophic people of world history concomitantly had sown the seeds of civilizational decline and labored to stay that decline.
Mala est qui trahit mentes nostras ad inferiores partes, id est furare, adulterare et alias quae ad rem non pertinet; bona est qui trahit mentes 40 nostras ad superna caelestia, id est intellegere et facere bonum et spernere malum>>.
quam spernere longas dulce dapes mentemque animi non mergere Baccho.
uerecundius et melius existimans errantis inperitiam silentio spernere quam loquendo dementis insaniam prouocare.) On p.