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Gaudium et spes is filled with the "new" and is most representative of what made Vatican II so significant.
Firstly, Gaudium et Spes can be implemented in the personal vocations of professors and academics.
In their addresses to the Synod both John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger emphasized Gaudium et spes paragraph 22 as the lens through which to understand the document, and as a key theme of the Council.
Gaudium et Spes calls the Church as a whole, and Catholic colleges and universities in particular, to a new kind of engagement and dialogue with the world.
SPEs provided an opportunity for both summative and formative evaluations in the family and adult/geriatric nurse practitioner program.
The first controlled study to investigate the relationship between temporal lobe instability and SPEs was by Neppe (1979, 1980, 1981b, 1982, 1983d), who analyzed the SPEs reported by all members of the SASPR.
Sapientia tells the story of a mother, Sapientia, and her three daughters Fides, Spes, and Karitas, confronted by pagan Roman emperor Hadrian, who wants them to renounce their Christianity.
New data show that the herbal supplement PC SPES contained even more contamination than was recognized when the product was abruptly pulled from store shelves in early 2002.
SPEs are used legitimately for economic benefits -- to collateralize assets.
Current authoritative guidance on SPEs and their consolidation can be found primarily in EITF Issue 90-15, EITF Topic D-14, and EITF Issue 96-21.
FOR months I've been trying to find a health food store to buy herbal remedy supplement PC Spes.
By using SPEs such as limited partnerships with outside parties, a company is permitted to increase leverage and ROA without having to report debt on its balance sheet.