sphere of activity

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They are either under no necessity to work for their living, or are enabled to choose the sphere of activity that is really congenial to them, and gives them pleasure.
When applying to the employment center of the Morgaus district, citizens registered as job seekers have the right to receive vocational guidance services, with the purpose of choosing the sphere of activity, profession, and the optimal type of employment.
If you know the laws that are applicable in your sphere of activity and your everyday life, it will keep you out of court.
The sphere of activity of the enterprises covers such directions as the light, mining and metallurgical, chemical, food-processing industries, mechanical engineering and metal working, health care, tourism and services.
Advertising, which is the dynamic force of a market economy, a means of linking the producer to the consumer and the basis of secondary production, has become an independent sphere of activity in Azerbaijan.
As a result, 'changes in the status of women from domesticity into a wider sphere of activity can be gathered from works of art, and the evolution of the women, as wives, mothers and rulers, is reflected in sculpture and painting'.
Today's proposals are designed to respond to the moves by racecourse owners to take greater control of their own data collection, as well as ensure the data collection activities that remain within SIS's sphere of activity are undertaken as professionally and efficiently as possible.
As governance issues have assumed greater importance, this sphere of activity is another dimension of the inside counsel revolution.
The main sphere of activity of aEnergoremont Holdinga AD is maintenance and repair of power and heat generation and distribution facilities.
AQUARIUS Jan 20- Feb 18 Take a total control of things in your sphere of activity at workplace.
The main purpose of the law is to regulate social relations in the sphere of activity of the National Guard of Kazakhstan.
Counterintelligence is a traditional sphere of activity for the FSB, and that's really a sector with intensive field operations," Putin said on Monday according to ITAR-TAS.