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Thousand Oaks city staff members studied the proposal and concluded that the land in question was logically part of Simi Valley's sphere of influence because access came from roads in Simi Valley and it was functionally more a part of Simi Valley than the Tierra Rejada Valley.
19) A state's sphere of influence will, of course, include the territory within its own borders.
The city of Los Angeles already applied to extend its sphere of influence north to meet Santa Clarita's.
Declaring a sphere of influence allows a city some say in development on its borders.
The council had planned to bypass environmental reviews and submit an application with the county Local Agency Formation Commission to expand Santa Clarita's sphere of influence to envelop part of the Las Lomas land.
The City Council is expected today to approve an application to extend the sphere of influence, which would split the 555-acre site where Palmer has proposed building homes, shopping centers and office space.
GCTM's next-generation programming will enable international audiences to experience what it means to be immersed in each geographic setting, drawing from the best of a given city's sphere of influence - its people, events, places, music, art and history.
A proposal being considered today that would expand Los Angeles' sphere of influence to the top of the Santa Susana Mountains could encourage development of the San Fernando Valley's northern foothills, residents fear.
In a few minutes, users can create a Quickshow and email a campaign to their sphere of influence.
Even without Las Lomas, Santa Clarita would have eventually applied to expand its sphere of influence, which would stretch from the city border to the ridgeline near Weldon Canyon Road.
In another way, it has created discourse and even contempt as different interests defend their opinion, their business mission or their sphere of influence.
The Global Compact asks member organizations to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, these ten principles.