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Change of corneal asphericity and spherical aberration after Q-value customized LASIK.
It was long recognized the resolution of TEMs was limited by intrinsic imperfections in the devices electromagnetic focusing lenses, commonly referred to as spherical aberrations.
The D-B telescope wins hands-down in this aspect; the apparent field of view depends only upon the focal ratio of the convex mirror, within the limits of acceptable spherical aberration at the edge of the field.
Johannes Kepler first recognized that a hyperbolic lens (if one could be made) would eliminate spherical aberration.
However, the maximum percentage difference in simulated spherical aberration, shown in Fig.
This study proposes that NASA's public relations surrounding the Hubble Space Telescope exacerbated the problems caused by the telescope's spherical aberration.
The primary aberrations that degrade the beam are known as quadratic, coma, astigmatism and spherical aberration.
Also added is an innovative Point Spread Function modeling algorithm to customize a PSF unique to your optical system, accounting for shape and spherical aberration at once simultaneously.
The microscope has a High-resolution transmission electron microscope with correction of spherical aberration to be (Cs-corrected HRTEM), combined with uncorrected high-resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy (HRSTEM) and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) .
The present theory of spherical aberration causing myopic increase has series defects and, while I'm not suggesting that fresh air will cure everything, perhaps more time should be spent on researching the relationship between indoor and outdoor lifestyles and the refractive changes of the eye.
KEY WORDS: Coma, Spherical Aberration, Higher order aberrations, LASIK.
I did initially develop spherical aberration, though, resulting in halos around very bright streetlights.