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The reduction in moisture content during the drying causes reduction in the bulk density, true density, thousand-grain mass, circularity, sphericity and projected and surface areas.
The Bartlett's test of sphericity which is challenges the hypothesis that identity matrix is similar or exactly a correlation matrix and this would indicate whether the variables used in this research are not suitable for structure detections or constructs cannot be developed.
001 Table II Mauchly's Test of Sphericity Measure: MEASURE_1 Within Mauchly's Approx.
The normality and sphericity criteria determined using the Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin and Bartlett's sphericity tests were met, and their values were 0.
For cases in which the assumption of sphericity was violated, the Greenhouse-Geisser correction was used to reduce the likelihood of a Type I Error.
Mauchly's test was used to examine the sphericity of data (26).
4: Tests of Within-Subjects Effects Type III Sum Df Mean Source of Squares Square Phase Sphericity Assumed 57.
The significance found in Bartlett's sphericity tests was 0.
For repeated measures with ANOVA, appears an additional condition called sphericity condition.