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The particle sphericity and bed porosity values and equivalent volume diameters of three oil shale particle groups are given in Table 3.
The overall significance of the correlation matrix was tested with Bertlett's test of sphericity for the biometric traits (chi-square was 1.
Table 6 shows the values for the scale adequacy test of the measured constructs from KMO and Bartlett's test of sphericity on the environmental performance and financial performance after removal of indicators with low commonality.
Therefore degrees of freedom were corrected using Greenhouse-Geisser estimates of sphericity.
Bartlett's test of sphericity supported the factorability of the data, and sampling adequacy was supported by Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) testing.
In terms of sand's use in proppant, there are many arcane considerations in terms of the silica itself, such as its sphericity and solubility, along with its geographic location.
Each product is extensively characterized under SEM (scanning electron microscope) to ensure perfect sphericity of each nanosphere and tight particle size specifications.
A fluid-absorbent article, comprising (A) an upper liquid-pervious layer, (B) a lower liquid-impervious layer, (C) a fluid-absorbent core between the layer (A) and the layer (B), comprising a fibrous material and 10 to 95% by weight of fluid-absorbent polymer particles, and (D) an acquisition distribution layer between the layer (A) and the core (C), comprising a fibrous material and 0 to 20% by weight of fluid-absorbent polymer particles, wherein the fluid-absorbent polymer particles have a mean sphericity of at least 0.
Sphericity was tested using Mauchly's test for sphericity, and the Greenhouse-Geisser adjustment was used when the assumption of sphericity was violated.