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They cultured lung spheroid cells from these tiny tissue samples until there were tens of millions to be delivered therapeutically.
The proliferation of the cells was examined by the CellTiter-Glo[sup][R] (CTG) assay (Promega, Wisconsin, USA) according to the modified manufacturer's instructions for tumor spheroids after an incubation period for 24 h at 37[degrees]C and 5% CO [sub]2 .
25] investigated the flow past a thin oblate spheroid falling at terminal velocity in an infinite, viscous fluid.
The spontaneous cessation of tumor spheroid growth was conjectured to be due to the inability of nutrients to penetrate to the core of the spheroid, which subsequently undergoes necrosis [4].
Low-dose BPA promotes spheroid proliferation in 3D cultures through c-Myc.
The cortex spheroids grow to a state in which they express functional connectivity, allowing for modeling and understanding of mental illnesses.
Cells of these spheroids demonstrate increased production and cell function more closely aligned to that of in vivo hepatocytes compared to cells comprising a traditional monolayer morphology [6].
In a spheroid Capan-2 pancreatic cancer cell model, the combination of GEM and CHIR-124 (checkpoint kinase 1) inhibitor enhanced the sensitivity to the GEM's antiproliferative effect in correlation with an increase in DNA damage and apoptosis (Dufau et al.
Homotopy of relative spheroids is an equivalence relation on [[OMEGA].
Section 2 provides the theoretical procedure for the determination of the scattered fields of an axial Gaussian beam by a conducting spheroid with a non-confocal chiral coating.
3 shows the calculated potential drop between the outlet and inlet of the aperture over the range of the angle between the axis of revolution of a prolate spheroid and the electric field for 4 types of prolate spheroids.
a filament can be modeled as a prolate spheroid and a thin chip as an oblate spheroid.