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To investigate whether the NF-[kappa]B-inhibitory property of neurolenin B affects the intravasation of tumour emboli through the lymphendothelial barrier, we used a validated three-dimensional model consisting of MCF7 tumour cell spheroids that are co-cultivated with lymphendothelial cell (LEC) monolayers (Kopf et al.
The flow of geodesics on the spheroid differs from the geodesics on the sphere.
For oblate spheroid we end up with the following formula
1, e) consist of spheroid graphite surrounded by ferrite and metal base of ferrite and pearlite platelets.
Mohsenin (1986) states a relationship between weight and surface area for spheroid products (Equation 9):
Second, the morphology of the tiny condensed primer residue particles typically is spheroid or shows shape characteristics of having been molten.
A study from Leipzig showed that a form of A2M was associated with "an inhibition of tumor cell proliferation, migration, invasion, spheroid formation, and anchorage-independent growth" in brain cancer (Lindner 2010).
Later, we estimated individual volumes of food using the formula for a prolate spheroid (Vitt and Morato de Carvalho, 1992).
This is the amount of glass that would have to be polished away at the edge of a spheroid to convert it to a paraboloid having the same radius of curvature (ROC) at its centre as the spheroid.
The SOM based clustering algorithm works well only when circular clusters or spheroid clusters.
I think the Union code allows for greater freedom, more scope for the kind of ball-ballet that sends the prolate spheroid (ta, Wikipedia) from hand to hand down a long line of red jerseys until it reaches Gareth Edwards and he scores another try.