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Distilled in the Caribbean, Guy Harvey Spiced Rum is an amber colored spiced rum that contains spices and warm flavors of vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon.
Cinnamon Spiced Cod with Tamarind (Serves 6) Ketchup
Glogg or gluhwein meaning "glow wine" is a spiced wine prepared in Germany.
Hosted in association with Maxim Magazine, at the recently re-opened legendary Hollywood hot spot, Le Dome, "Naughty or Spiced" brings together invited celebrity guests and entertainment industry elite to sample delicious new SKYY Spiced cocktails.
Spiced Harvest Cider is a seasonal autumn treat that will warm up cider lovers through the winter soltice.
And there are refreshing salad beginnings, one a handsome Thai-style chopped salad ($7) with crunchy cucumber, jicama, corn, radicchio, baby bitter lettuce, red onion, peanuts and a mildly spiced vinaigrette dressing.